Staying Healthy in Your 40's - Yoga



We all age. It's an inescapable fact.  And with age comes inevitable changes to our bodies.  Aching joints, reduced mobility, pains and strains become regular discomforts after workouts and activities, not to mention longer recovery times and the need for more and more rest. 

Many of us start feeling these changes in our 40's.  Even still, this is an amazing time in our lives.  Age brings experience, wisdom, more financial stability, and clarity on the things that we want in life.  Most of us are well into our chosen career and have become experts in our professions.  We may wish for that 20 year old body, but wouldn't trade out our knowledgeable 40 year old brain.  

Luckily, there are things you can do as you age to help your body feel strong and stay healthy.  Maintaining a fit, healthy lifestyle in our 40's can not only help us keep a sharp, positive outlook on life, but will give us the wellness and energy to thrive at all the things we love to do. 

One way to help your body thrive physically is yoga.  According to expert Maren Hunsberger, there are 3 main reasons to practice regular yoga in your 40's. You can read more of her article here .

Hunsberger gives the following 3 benefits.  Yoga will help:

  • Maintain Muscular Tone and Flexibility
  • Improve Spinal Health
  • Keep the Mind Sharp, Clear and Focused

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